5 Ways to Reduce Stress on Your Wedding Day

Bride and Groom walking down a path together after a stress free weddingYour wedding day will likely be one of the most exciting and memorable days of your life. Unfortunately, it may also be one of the most stressful. Between coordinating last minute details and preparing to be the center of attention for an extended period of time, you’re likely going to have a lot on your hands on the all-important day you marry that someone special.

So what can you do to reduce stress on your wedding day? Here are some tips to help you minimize stress the day of so you can relax and enjoy every moment of your wedding day.

Tips for Reducing Wedding Day Stress

  1. Organize Ahead Of Time

Wedding planning can seem like a pain at times, but when it comes down to it the more you’ve done ahead of time the less you’ll have to worry about on the wedding day. Staying organized throughout the wedding planning process – all the way up to your wedding day – will help to ensure that everything comes together nicely. Once the big day is underway, you’ll have much less to worry about if you’ve taken care of as much of the coordinating and organizing as you can ahead of time.

If you’re looking to make wedding planning easier and want to be sure you’ll have nothing to worry about on the day of, consider working with an experienced, professional wedding planner. If you’re getting married in Upstate NY, New York City, New England or elsewhere in the northeast, we highly recommend Katie O Weddings & Events and Christine Wheat Special Events Firm. Working with either, you’re sure to have an amazing wedding with minimal stress involved!

  1. Designate a Day-Of Contact Person

On your wedding day, it’s your job to be the bride or the groom. While you may have served as coordinator extraordinaire for the past few months, now is the time to pass that role on to someone else. Choose one person you know you can rely on to be the go-to person for anything and everything on your wedding day. Direct any questions from relatives, friends and vendors to this person on the day of the big event.

  1. Stay in Your Comfort Zone

Your wedding day isn’t the time to try a bunch of new things. You may hear lots of recommendations about how to handle stress and manage your nerves on your wedding day. From running and practicing yoga to getting a massage or meditating, the suggestions will likely come from all directions. Brides, you’ll likely receive lots of unsolicited beauty tips, everything from new makeup products to try to hairstyles to experiment with. Keep in mind that your wedding day is not the best time to branch out and try something completely new. Stick with what you know and are familiar and comfortable with to help prevent any extra stress or drama.

  1. Take Some Time For Yourself

Amidst all the hustle and bustle of your wedding day, it can be easy to start feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed. Try to set aside a few minutes throughout the day to regroup and recenter yourself. Whether it’s relaxing on your own in your room or spending a few quiet moments with some of your closest friends before the ceremony begins, make it a point to take time to relax and just be yourself.

  1. Accept That Your Wedding Day May Not Be Perfect

Most people have a vision in their mind of what the perfect wedding day should be like. While it’s great to have a vision for your day and to fantasize about how it will turn out, the truth of the matter is that weddings are rarely perfect. Don’t put a ton of pressure on your day to turn out absolutely perfect. When the day of the big event rolls around, just let it be what it is. Don’t stress over details that didn’t turn out just right. Enjoy spending time surrounded by your closest friends and family while celebrating this exciting milestone in your life. No matter how everything turns out, your wedding is sure to be perfect in it’s own way.

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Coordinating wedding transportation can be one of the most complicated aspects of planning a wedding. Picking people up from the airport, transporting people from the hotel to the venue, getting everyone from the wedding venue to the reception space – it’s a lot to handle!

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Don’t Stress on Your Wedding Day!

Make the most of your wedding day by minimizing stress by keeping these simple tips in mind. You’ll be amazed what a difference they make!

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