5 Travel Products Business Travelers Should Not Leave Home Without

Business TravelPlan, pack, travel, return, repeat. If you travel frequently for your job, this routine probably sounds very familiar.

Traveling for any reason can be challenging, but it can be especially challenging when you’re traveling for business. Whether you’re meeting a potential client, attending a conference, or giving a presentation out of town, you likely want to make a good impression – even if you have to do so immediately after stepping off the airplane from a 10 hour flight.

Luckily, there are a number of helpful products for business travelers that can help make business travel a bit more organized and a bit less stressful.

Must Have Items for Business Travelers

At Premiere Transportation, we’re in the travel business. We work with business travelers on a regular basis and know what the savviest travelers have on hand to make their trips a bit easier and more organized.

Here, we’ll share 5 items that business travelers should never leave home without.

Top 5 Business Travel Products

1. A Reliable Suitcase

Having a suitcase you can count on can make a huge difference when it comes to business travel. A durable suitcase with a few key features – like a sturdy handle, smooth rolling wheels, strong zippers, and useful outside pockets – is imperative. Some suitcases now include built in charging stations so you can keep your devices charged even when you’re on the move.

If you fly frequently and like to avoid checking your baggage, make sure you invest in a suitcase with carry-on friendly dimensions so you can know without a doubt that your luggage will fit in the overhead compartment.

2. Noise Canceling Headphones

Whether you’re sitting next to a crying baby on an airplane, riding across the aisle from a group of rowdy college kids on the train, or staying in a hotel room right near the elevator, noise canceling headphones come in handy!

Having a trusty pair of high quality noise canceling headphones can help to make a trip that would be otherwise miserable much more manageable. There are a variety of options out there to choose from. Try out a few to find a pair that’s comfortable, has good sound quality, and truly cancels out outside noise.

3. Wireless Hotspot

When you’re traveling for business, you want to know that you’ll be able to stay connected for the duration of your trip. That means you don’t want to count on unreliable free wifi in airports and cafes.

With a personal wireless hotspot, you can bring internet access wherever you go. You’ll avoid paying a fortune in fees for reliable internet while you’re on the go and you’ll be able to stay online as you travel.

4. Outlet Multiplier

Outlets and charging stations in airports and train stations can be surprisingly hard to come by. If you travel frequently, you’re likely used to seeing travelers clustered around outlets, frantically trying to plug in as many electronic devices as they can.

Avoid that crowd with an outlet multiplier! With access to just one outlet, you can charge multiple devices so you won’t have to worry about prioritizing the items you need to charge. Plus, you might make some new friends as you’re traveling if you choose to share your outlets!

5. Reusable Water Bottle

It’s very important to stay hydrated while traveling, but sometimes that can be more difficult than it seems like it should be! Buying water for the duration of a business trip can add up to be very expensive, plus you may end up dumping out your liquids as you make your way through security checks.

The savviest travelers keep a reusable water bottle on hand that can be filled and refilled. Water bottles with built in filters are the best option, as they’ll remove tap water contaminants so you can enjoy fresh tasting water wherever you go!

Business Travelers – Don’t Leave For Your Next Business Trip Without These Items!

Make your life easier and your trip less stressful by keeping these items on hand during your next business trip.

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