Late Fall Fun in Upstate NY: Outing Ideas in Saratoga, Lake George & Glens Falls

Cozy winertMany people dread winter, leaving them in a dreary mood during the late fall months as winter steadily approaches. The temperatures may be dropping, the leaves may be falling from the trees and the first snowfall may be just around the corner, but that doesn’t mean all fun has to come to an end.

For those in Upstate NY, there are so many enjoyable things to do during the late fall, especially in Saratoga, Lake George, Glens Falls and the surrounding areas. Looking for some fun late fall outing ideas? Here are a few for you to consider!

Things to Do In Saratoga, Lake George & Glens Falls

1. Visit Local Wineries & Breweries

There are a number of great wineries and breweries throughout Upstate NY, especially in the Adirondack region. These are great to check out in the summertime, but they’re also a lot of fun when the weather is chilly! Grab some friends, book chauffeured transportation and head out on a winery or brewery tour for a fun-filled afternoon.

2. Go Out Crafting

Late fall is a great time to try out a new craft or hobby. After all, finding indoor activities to enjoy is key for making it through long winters in the Northeast! Paint and sip studios and pottery painting studios are great places to socialize while you craft. Some continuing education programs even offer scrapbooking classes, knitting classes and more. All are great options to check out before winter rolls around.    

3. Explore Local Restaurants

The Adirondack region is home to more amazing restaurants and dining establishments than you can count. What’s more – new places to eat are popping up all the time. Whether you’re looking for a low-key date night with your significant other or a rowdy night out with a bunch of friends, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in Saratoga, Lake George and Glens Falls.

4. Attend Local Theatrical Productions

From local high school musicals to community theater productions, there’s always something entertaining going on in the Saratoga, Lake George and Glens Falls communities. Attending one – or a few – of these terrific local theatrical productions is a great way to spend the chilly fall nights. You’ll have a great time, all the while supporting the local arts community.

5. Check Out Concerts and Musical Performances

From live music in local bars and restaurants to concerts put on by professional musicians and community groups, you’ll find lots of musical entertainment options throughout Saratoga, Lake George and Glens Falls. These events are perfect late fall outing options that are sure to jazz up even the dreariest days or evenings.

Cure the Late Fall Blues with These Fun Outing Ideas

Late fall doesn’t have to be dreary! Brighten it up with fun outings and before you know it, the weeks leading up to winter may just be your favorite of the year!

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