Have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving Holiday

It is the middle of November and while stores are already putting out Christmas displays and playing Christmas music, Thanksgiving is only 2 weeks away! The holiday of Thanksgiving starts the making of travel plans to visit relatives wherever they may be. With our first winter snow fall looming please remember to drive safe and if you would rather leave the driving to the professionals, we are only a phone call away!

Coupled with Thanksgiving and all the traveling associated with it comes the biggest shopping day of the year; Black Friday. It’s a nationwide event where prices drop and people come stampeding for those sales. Memories of an early morning spent standing in line and mainlining coffee while you wait to pay for a $15 waffle iron at 4 a.m. come to mind. If you don’t have decent trunk space in your car, you can always rent an SUV for a few hours to carry your haul! If you are to survive this, you will need to be prepared.

First, make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes and running shoes. In the marathon of shopping there is no rest (or seats) for the weary! Forget anything about makeup when you go shopping, this is a battlefield (war paint is optional)! Bring lots of snacks and water. You will be waiting in long lines and there are no spot savers! Make sure the car is fueled before leaving since the sales don’t wait for the gas station runs. Finally most important, don’t hurt any others in the conquest of the sales!

Have a safe Thanksgiving and Happy Bargain Hunting!