Your Wife Lied To You…

Valentine Date SpecialsBooking A Last-Minute Limo for Valentine’s Day

Did your wife, girlfriend or significant other tell you that it was fine if you didn’t get her anything for Valentine’s Day this year? And did you listen, figuring that if she said that was the case then you were off the hook?

Well if so, you might have a problem. A couple of them actually.

Firstly, your wife is a liar. It’s not fine if you don’t get her anything! She does so much for you throughout the year and there’s a good chance she’s probably got something thoughtful up her sleeve for this year’s Valentine’s Day gift to you. She might have said that it’s fine if you don’t get her anything, but that’s probably not actually the case. Yes, she would probably be fine, and sure, she may have genuinely meant it when she said you didn’t have to get her anything. But would it be better if you got her something thoughtful for Valentine’s Day this year? Absolutely.

Secondly, Valentine’s Day is just days away now and you haven’t gotten her a gift yet. What’s worse – you weren’t planning on getting anything, so you don’t have the slightest idea what to get.

That’s where we come in!

Premiere Transportation is offering a Valentine’s Day Special this year so you can take your sweetheart for a surprise evening out on the town! Our four-hour, door-to-door Valentine’s Day packages for 2015 start at just $169 and include chocolates and champagne for you to enjoy during your romantic evening out together. Whether you’re seeing a show at a venue in the Capital District, heading out for a bite to eat at one of the Albany area’s best restaurants or just hoping to enjoy a romantic ride around town, Premiere has got you covered!

Don’t believe what your wife tells you! It’s NOT fine if you don’t get her anything for Valentine’s Day. This year, surprise her with the thoughtful gift of a romantic experience she’ll never forget. Call us at (518) 459-6123 today to make a reservation and book our 2015 Valentine’s Day Package!